20/20 Plumbing & Heating, Inc. - CA LIC. #1001965
7343 Orangewood Drive, Suite B
Riverside, CA 92504

Ph.: (951) 396-2020
Fx.: (951) 396-2021

Website: www.2020ph.com

Contact: Michael A. Mahony
Email: m.mahony@2020ph.com

Company Overview

Established in 2015, 20/20 Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is a contractor that specializes in commercial, hospitality, single family, and multi-family projects. 20/20’s achievements are the direct result of its core competencies and human capital.

20/20’s core competencies include strategic business development and diversification; our leadership and management teams are focused on quality and the preservation of key business relationships; business units are specialized by project type to better serve the needs of our customers and maintain a flat and efficient business structure; training programs are developed to enhance our employees’ knowledge and skills, and promote a safe working environment; lastly, we believe that incorporating honesty, integrity, and ethics into all business decisions solidifies our fundamental principles and values.

In striving to be an exemplary company, we recognize and accept the importance of safety. We believe that workplace injuries and illnesses are preventable. Therefore, we are committed to continuous safety training, accountability, and reinforcement tactics that promote awareness and enable our employees to recognize and properly respond to safety hazards and quality control issues.

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